Fun with machine learning

October 19, 2010

I have been back to the lab, with a pen and a pad. Here is the latest production of my evil science. I’m building a learning system that in generative mode produces songs in the styles of different artists, and you can choose how much of each you want. Here are lyrics from one that’s 70% Einstein and 30% Justin Bieber.

Autosong lyrics generated by GoatFrightener.v.0.2

In the style of 0.7 Einstein and 0.3 Beiber


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find out whether or not be mine /
(mine) [ludacris:] luda! when the fact is /
no doubt, but i had my baby /
oooh i thought you’d always be mine whether or /
almost completely different kind. here there was /
like… baby, baby oooh like baby, baby, /
baby nooo like baby, baby oooh like /
baby, baby, baby oooh like baby, baby, /
baby, baby nooo like baby, baby, baby, up daily, /
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as his basis of a position

On “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening”

September 22, 2010

My two favorite poems are by Robert Frost. Here is one.

Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening

Whose woods these are I think I know.
His house is in the village though;
He will not see me stopping here
To watch his woods fill up with snow.

My little horse must think it queer
To stop without a farmhouse near
Between the woods and frozen lake
The darkest evening of the year.

He gives his harness bells a shake
To ask if there is some mistake.
The only other sound’s the sweep
Of easy wind and downy flake.

The woods are lovely, dark and deep.
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.

Robert Frost
New Hampshire

The visible sign of the poet’s preoccupation–the word is not too strong–is the recurrent image, particularly in his earlier work, of dark woods and trees, Often, as in the lyric with which we have begun, the world of the woods…, a world offering perfect quiet and solitude, exists side by side with the realization that there is also another world, a world of people and social obligations. Both worlds have claims on the poet. He stops by woods on this “darkest evening of the year” to watch them “fill up with snow,” and lingers so long that his “little horse” shakes his harness bells “to ask if there is some mistake.” The poet is put in mind of the “promises” he has to keep, of the miles he still must travel. We are not told, however, that the call of social responsibility proves stronger than the attraction of the woods, which are “lovely” as well as “dark and deep”; the poet and his horse have not moved on at the poem’s end. The dichotomy of the poet’s obligations both to the woods and to a world of “promises”–the latter filtering like a barely heard echo through the almost hypnotic state induced by the woods and falling snow-is what gives this poem its singular interest…. The artfulness of “Stopping by Woods” consists in the way the two worlds are established and balanced. The poet is aware that the woods by which he is stopping belong to someone in the village; they are owned by the world of men. But at the same time they are his, the poet’s woods, too, by virtue of what they mean to him in terms of emotion and private signification.

. . . .

What appears to be “simple” is shown to be not really simple, what appears to be innocent not really innocent…. The poet is fascinated and lulled by the empty wastes of white and black. The repetition of “sleep” in the final two lines suggests that he may succumb to the influences that are at work. There is no reason to suppose that these influences are benign. It is, after all, “the darkest evening of the year,” and the poet is alone “between the woods and frozen lake.” His one bond with the security and warmth of the “outer” world, the “little horse” who wants to be about his errand, is an unsure one. The ascription of “lovely” to this scene of desolate woods, effacing snow, and black night complicates rather than alleviates the mood when we consider how pervasive are the connotations of dangerous isolation and menacing death.

From “From Woods to Stars: A Pattern of Imagery in Robert Frost’s Poetry.” South Atlantic Quarterly. Winter 1959, John T. Ogilvie

Blue belt!

September 4, 2010

Today I earned a BJJ blue belt under Shane Rice, who is a black belt under Rickson Gracie. It took 19 months. Here is a picture.

For those of you wonder what a BJJ blue belt means, I’d consider a BJJ blue belt to be roughly equivalent to a first degree judo black belt in terms of difficulty of getting one and how good a fighter is. I regularly beat the crap out of Judo black belts in Judo tournaments before starting BJJ and then got the crap kicked out of me by blue belts when I started BJJ. My gi record in tournaments in white belt was 5-1.

I’ve done three combatives sports pretty seriously, wrestling, Judo and BJJ and I can honestly say that BJJ is superior to the other two both in terms of its fun level during training and the fun of competitions.

Next step on the path is the purple belt.

Looks like Hugman

July 18, 2010

I, too, have felt the Awesome Power

July 17, 2010

This item has wolves on it which makes it intrinsically sweet and worth 5 stars by itself, but once I tried it on, that’s when the magic happened. After checking to ensure that the shirt would properly cover my girth, I walked from my trailer to Wal-mart with the shirt on and was immediately approached by women. The women knew from the wolves on my shirt that I, like a wolf, am a mysterious loner who knows how to ‘howl at the moon’ from time to time (if you catch my drift!). The women that approached me wanted to know if I would be their boyfriend and/or give them money for something they called mehth. I told them no, because they didn’t have enough teeth, and frankly a man with a wolf-shirt shouldn’t settle for the first thing that comes to him.

I arrived at Wal-mart, mounted my courtesy-scooter (walking is such a drag!) sitting side saddle so that my wolves would show. While I was browsing tube socks, I could hear aroused asthmatic breathing behind me. I turned around to see a slightly sweaty dream in sweatpants and flip-flops standing there. She told me she liked the wolves on my shirt, I told her I wanted to howl at her moon. She offered me a swig from her mountain dew, and I drove my scooter, with her shuffling along side out the door and into the rest of our lives. Thank you wolf shirt.

Pros: Fits my girthy frame, has wolves on it, attracts women
Cons: Only 3 wolves (could probably use a few more on the ‘guns’), cannot see wolves when sitting with arms crossed, wolves would have been better if they glowed in the dark.

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This is great.

June 3, 2010

Got to love the reaction of the UN dude at the end. He doesn’t refute any of it, he just tells him to shut up. Classic.

NAGA win

May 12, 2010

189.9 pound win at NAGA event in Newark.

Ron Paul on American policy

February 28, 2010

Not as good but still awesome

February 4, 2010

The feel good movie of the year

February 4, 2010