Fun with machine learning

I have been back to the lab, with a pen and a pad. Here is the latest production of my evil science. I’m building a learning system that in generative mode produces songs in the styles of different artists, and you can choose how much of each you want. Here are lyrics from one that’s 70% Einstein and 30% Justin Bieber.

Autosong lyrics generated by GoatFrightener.v.0.2

In the style of 0.7 Einstein and 0.3 Beiber


heat radiation
he has /
been possible to the second-named task; consequently, /
when i thought you’d always be mine /
(mine) i’m all i’m all force us /
in replacing the principles. his deductions,  /
breaking but i was 13, i just wanna see /
her in uniform translatory motion relative to /
find out whether or not be mine /
(mine) [ludacris:] luda! when the fact is /
no doubt, but i had my baby /
oooh i thought you’d always be mine whether or /
almost completely different kind. here there was /
like… baby, baby oooh like baby, baby, /
baby nooo like baby, baby oooh like /
baby, baby, baby oooh like baby, baby, /
baby, baby nooo like baby, baby, baby, up daily, /
don’t need no starbucks. she woke me /
from molecular movement, we an analysis of /
nature do much with those that heat /
derives from which the position that can /
happen as incontrovertibly as his tasks is a completely /
outside the weekend. she was becoming ever /
more apparent. with this quantum hypothesis he /
used as long as i did; by galileia /
second newton only as long as long /
as his basis of a position


2 Responses to “Fun with machine learning”

  1. Neil Dickson Says:

    Man, it took it a while to escape the clutches of that terrible chorus. I guess Einstein didn’t say “baby” enough. 🙂

  2. Tim Swanson Says:

    Ya know, when the machines rise up one day, you will be forced to sing Ricky Martin/ABBA remixes as punishment.

    Get your synthesizer ready!

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