Macho Man >> Infinity

January 30, 2010

Fightin round the holidays

January 3, 2010

Some pics of training last week. This is me staring slack-jawed into space.

This is me arm throwing Sebastian.

Body slamming Sebastian.

Triangle choking somebody.

Here is me firemans carrying Sebastian.

I’m going to see if I can get some video of me and Cena wrestling + me and Shane rolling. Cena is very good… been wrestling since he was like 5, and learned to wrestle in Iran… and Shane is a top BJJ black belt…

A 2009 retrospective

December 30, 2009

2009 was a year to remember. Many great memories. Here is a retrospective of some of the things I was doing or thinking about during 2009.

1. What the f*%k is with that Tommy album by The Who. What is the message there? I don’t understand what is going on with this. How can someone who is deaf and blind play pinball? Is there some deeper meaning? Why would you write an album about this? This is one of those things that you generally ignore, it’s like… he sure plays a mean pinball but then you stop and ask yourself WTF? Can someone help me with this.

2. I have real mixed feelings about Slayer in 2009. While they are still putting out the same kind of music as always, it seems … I don’t know… overproduced? I think they need to evolve or something. The early stuff seems better, maybe it’s a generational thing.

3. I like Tiger Woods about infinity to the googleplex more than I did in 2008. Dude is for real. It would have been much better if he’d just owned it instead of the hack PR suck-up bullshit. He should have done a media event, showed up in a fur coat with a driver pimp stick covered in diamonds with a ho train… he walked the walk but didn’t talk the talk. Should have pulled a Tyson and asked the reporters if they wanted to fornicate with him.

4. Still fightin round the world at the advanced age of 37…. 9-8 record. Could be better, could be worse.

5. Lost about 40 lbs, down to around 205 of fightin flab. First year in 12 that I weighed less at the end than the beginning.

6. Stole Lloyd Dettering’s shark vacuum; used it to summon Shub Niggurath.

7.  I don’t like the term Road Rage, it has connotations of chaos or unfocused intent. I prefer Road Justice. Here is its use in a sentence: If you ever pull up behind me when I’m waiting to turn left, and you start honking your f%&king horn at me, I’m going to get out of my car, walk over to your car, grab you through your window by the throat and give you some Road Justice bitch!!! Say hello to Thunder and Lightning!!! Throat punch, motherf*^cker!!! Have a nice trip to the hospital. (BTW if you’re ever in Vancouver, don’t honk at anyone waiting to turn left. It’s a safety issue).

8. Working on anger management issues. Periodic distribution of Road Justice seems to help. Also cutting back on the red bull to 3 cases per day is soothing.

9. Joy Behar seems cool.

10. My love for Lexie Stewart just keeps growing stronger and stronger. Here is a quote from her: “I’d be like, ‘Get the fuck out … And then they’d say, ‘You can’t do that!’ I was like, ‘Yeah, I can.’ ” Don’t worry Lexie some day we’ll be together.

11. OK here’s one: who would win in a no holds barred battle to the death: Nancy Grace or Pat Lalama? I used to think Nancy Grace would just transform into an eagle or some shit and let the disembowelling begin but Pat TheLlama is somehow nearly as annoying and some say she has super Llama powers. It is possible… no, likely… that Nancy and Pat are actually both alien lizard creatures so this would probably be a fairly even match… I think that Nancy would probably win but the underllama could pull the upset here.

You be the judge.

It’s Slayerific

December 30, 2009

Do this. It is really fun. Try listening to the whole song (awesome 1983 Show No Mercy track… Tormentor!!!) without blinking/closing your eyes and while staring at the picture… what’s cool is that I totally had a dream with this girl in it BEFORE seeing this… freaky.

If religions were real

December 28, 2009

This is totally hilarious. Via pharyngula. I give it seventeen thumbs up.

Rage Against The Machine Take Xmas #1 On British Singles Charts

December 22, 2009

This is awesome. The UK rocks.

Although I would have gone with Guerilla Radio.

Interview with Gaahl from Gorgoroth

December 19, 2009

A classic Norwegian Death Metal interview.

Agent Orange

December 18, 2009

Those old pics had me searching through my old vinyl. Found this gem I hadn’t listened to for a while.

i’m never gonna last
unless i live until
dying is a thing of the past

Old Skool G Dot 2

December 17, 2009

This is me in my afro head days vs. (believe it or not!) Owen Dawkins in 1988 at the Scarborough international tournament. I beat Derek Jacobi in the final to win, and beat Owen 12-0. Note the referee (Homie!) and Jay Bradbury (my old high school coach) looking all concerned.

Old Skool G Dot

December 16, 2009

Amateur Wrestling Rules In Pictures, published 1989. I am the one in the red singlet. This was taken at the US Cadet Nationals in 1988 in Indianapolis when I was 16, I came 5th of 78. I stole the draw sheet, I still have it. The Canadian team included Scott Nichol and Fernando “Hot Tub” Galvez, although I seem to remember they called him “fly man” back then. Also Sly Sinclair and Richard Pryzslak were there.

This was a match with the eventual gold medal winner. I lost 4-2. This was a weird match because I did an arm throw and knocked myself unconscious with about 30 seconds left by slamming my head into the mat. My first recollection after this was about 30 minutes later lying on a gurney. After I watched the video of the fight and after the throw I got up immediately and finished the match but I seriously had no memory of doing it.