NAGA win

189.9 pound win at NAGA event in Newark.


6 Responses to “NAGA win”

  1. XiXiDu Says:

    The dude in the middle looks a bit like you.

  2. Geordie Says:

    Yes that’s my alter ego, the infamous Playboy Geordie Rose, sans mullet though.

  3. Chester Says:

    Nah, they guy in the middle is much bigger than Geordie. Couldn’t be him.

  4. Neil Dickson Says:

    Wow, the 2nd place guy looks decidedly irked that he didn’t win. 🙂

  5. Geordie Says:

    No he was just overcome with gratitude that he had the opportunity to get choked the f**k out by the G dot.

  6. Neil Dickson Says:

    lol. I still can’t believe you somehow weighed 189.9 pounds at weigh-in. Making weight must’ve been brutal!

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