Fightin round the world with Greg Jackson

Me in Albuquerque teaching GSP etc. some REAL fightin skills. Watch for the five fingered death punch next time Nate Marquart or GSP is in the Octagon.


7 Responses to “Fightin round the world with Greg Jackson”

  1. XiXiDu Says:

    I’m too much in fear of neurological damage to consider this kind of activity.

  2. Geordie Says:

    Yes that is a concern. But for deep questions such as optimizing trade-offs between satisfying my caveman instincts and preserving neurons, I ask a simple question: WWWMD? His wisdom proffers guidance in matters such as these.

  3. Chester Says:

    Is that your Engineering ring in the pic? Isn’t wearing it during a training session a little over the top?

    Finally, who is “WM”? Is that a Chuck Norris reference?

  4. Geordie Says:

    WM = War Machine.

    Ring is stuck in on position. Finger broken after putting on.

  5. XiXiDu Says:

    Right, but I still have a little hope that I could live long enough to live forever. Or at least long enough to see some cool stuff unfolding. And I’m simply too much of a pussy (-: for this fight-club attitude. Cue: Intracranial hemorrhage… 😦

    If I had a backup though, I’d do it.

  6. Geordie Says:

    I hear you, and you may very well live that long (depending on how flexible your definition of “life forever” is). Of course rationally you are right and I agree with you. Neocortex not always win vs. limbic system in argument though.

  7. XiXiDu Says:

    Professor Risk:

    Just watched this video and thought about you 🙂

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