The older I get, the better I was

I recently had the honor to be inducted into the McMaster Hall of Fame as part of the 1993-94 national champion wrestling team.  I went back to McMaster for the ceremony. It was quite emotional. Here is a picture of the guys from the team that made it to the reunion:

From left to right: Nick Cipriano (ask you coach), Jose Disanto, Rob Betz, Jeff Vanderslaght, me, Scott Nichol, Greg David, and Rich Kelly. We also met up with Woody, Bobbie and David Monk the night before when we relapsed back to 1994 via about 20 tequila shots each. At the event were Ragusa, Homie “the game is over”, Johnny D, Dougie and I’m sure I’ve missed somebody. Missed were the twins, Hot Tub, the Begley, Watson, Bobby G, Justin Lawrence and Chester who by the way… Chester are you listening… you should have come out, lightweight!!! It was… what’s the word I’m looking for…  AWESOME. All I can say is I am so, so glad hot pants are back in style.

Also unfortunately Mir was not there, he is probably running from the law or blowing some shit up in Afghanistan.

The event was more than a little bittersweet. We went and visited the old wrestling room where we spent so much time in those five years. It was decommissioned and turned into a storage room. The reason? There was asbestos all over the walls and ceiling. When we were there the stuff used to come off in great clumps and lay in piles on the mat. It was orange.

Here is a picture of the gutted room.

Lots of ghosts live in that place, for all of us…

It was great seeing the guys again, although it felt a bit like something was ending.


2 Responses to “The older I get, the better I was”

  1. Chester Says:

    Yeah, I know I missed an event not to be missed. Had I gone, I would likely be living in Nichol’s house somewhere – probably under the stairs or something like that.

    As for Mir, he delivered my pizza a few months ago. And he’s still wrestling. I will see him again at Nationals in Fredericton in a few months. I will ask him if he has blown anything recently. I mean blown anything UP recently….

  2. Geordie Says:

    Daannnkey! Daannnkey! MeeeeeeaaaahhhhHHHHHH!

    Nichol does have a hot tub. It would have been worth it.

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