I can even get worked

0-3 at a local event.

First match, I was up 2-1 on Hugh Rogers with 6 seconds left with me on top, got reversed as time ran out. Tied 2-2 we went to overtime. We were using the CAWA grappling rules which meant that I got to choose either top or bottom position in open guard. I chose top. The rules say I had 1 minute to pass the guard or else I lost. I didn’t end up passing and lost. 0-1.

Second match was against Greg Edgelow who represented Canada in the Olympics at 90kg in wrestling a couple of times and incidentally was the first guy I ever wrestled at a senior nationals back in 1989 I believe. We scrambled around for a bit and then ended up taking me down and taking side mount. I re-took guard and then we went out of bounds. The way that the CAWA rules work is that when this happens you have to start in the middle in open guard (even though I had closed guard prior). He passed to side mount and I tapped from an arm triangle. 0-2.

Then I got the slapowitz of the group. I took him down with a fireman’s (1 point) then passed to side mount (2 points) then passed to back mount (4 points). He shook me off the front and we stood up. Then he clinched and I decided I was going to suplex him since he was a slapowitz and landed on my back. That was when I realized he probably weighed 280 pounds or so. Funny how sometimes you don’t realize these types of things until they land dynamically on your face from height. Anyway I scrambled to get out and got caught in a guillotine choke. Notably I did not tap this time. But I did have a nice snooze on the mat for a few seconds. Gak. 0-3.

Hugh ended up beating Edgelow. I was thinking afterwards that if (a) I had been able to hold on for an extra 3 seconds I would have won the first one 2-1; (b)  If I had passed to full mount (3 points) before I took the back the last one would have been called (10-0 points). Anyway.

Here is a picture from the CAWA results page of me attacking Hugh with a fireman’s. Which he stuffed. Although I did end up taking him down.


This places my record to date this year at 9-8. Not stellar but will keep at it.

Actually I was looking through my old medals and crap and noticed that pretty much every good result I’ve had has been at 82 kg, even though I competed at 90 kg for a while. My weight is down around 213-215 right now and I am thinking I may cut down to 180 for the upcoming NAGA and Grapplers’ Quest events. I haven’t done that kind of cut in a long time, but it might be possible.


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  1. physicsandcake Says:

    Nice photo!

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