Swine Flu… Scary Stuff

See here for updates.

Time to load Don’t Fear the Reaper into the ole Ipod folks.

If yall need to get ahold of me yall can reach me at my home in the Adirondacks. Be sure to call first if you drop by  else I’ll pop a Stinger missile up your tailpipe.


2 Responses to “Swine Flu… Scary Stuff”

  1. Chester Says:

    This post clearly demonstrates two things:

    1) You have too much time on your hands. What is going on?

    2) You didn’t read the response to the other post, with the album covers mentioned.

    Both things bring me to tears, Geordie. Seriously.

  2. Geordie Says:

    Dude I did look at the album covers… some seriously wack material… nothing like vintage Grateslime though, we were WAY ahead of our time.

    Also re. having too much time, nothing takes precedence over my plans for world domination, of which my silo home is a key part.

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