Is someone out to get Tesla?

I just finished reading a great book called The Whole Truth by David Baldacci, it is highly recommended to pulp fiction afficionados out there (note Baldacci has on a few occasions had quantum computers in his stories also). The premise of the book is that a company that supplies weapons to governments hires a “perception management” firm to “create truths” that would plunge the world into a new cold war. The description of how the firm that creates and disseminates the “truths” necessary to make this happen, and the world’s gullibility in believing things just because others say that they are true, is chilling.

So I came across this article today on Tesla. If you don’t know Tesla, now you know. They make extremely cool and high-performance cars that run on electricity. The article is exactly what you’d expect if a Baldacci-esque perception management firm were behind it. Re-read it in this light.

I can’t help but think that, just like in the Baldacci novel, if you were making tons of cash on oil you might want to kill a serious company that makes electric cars. You might do this by hiring a firm that plants and cultivates ridiculous stories about the company you want to go away. Stories a lot like this one.

If I ever have the cash to buy a Tesla roadster, it’s high on my list.


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