Dey snakes dis big?!?

[Obscure Anaconda (worst/best movie ever) reference]. Ahh Ice Cube is there anything you can’t do.

Check this out: Titanoboa. BIG SNAKE!!! BIG SNAKE!!!!



7 Responses to “Dey snakes dis big?!?”

  1. XiXiDu Says:

  2. XiXiDu Says:

    Well, it’s the snake from Garden of Eden…more evidence the Bible is true.

  3. Geordie Says:

    Xixidu: I really doubt this particular snake spent a lot of time in trees.

  4. XiXiDu Says:

    Well, it made use of anti-gravity and other evil stuff…lack of faith on your side. 😉

    Heh forget what I said, I was still drowsy this morning, was supposed to be funny :S . I saw you got Meyers under your Blogroll, that about the link.

    Anyways, I’m still waiting for my personal quantum computer so get back to work!

    Have you read Greg Egan’s Schild’s Ladder?

  5. XiXiDu Says:

    ^for more info…

  6. Chester Says:

    That poor lead researcher from UofT .. “Jason Head” … such teasing he must have dealt with as a younger child.

    And then to go into researching snakes? Man, I cannot go on…

    …except to ponder if this young man has ever been on a plane with Samuel L Jackson….

  7. JP Says:

    forget the snake, if this pic is to scale that turtle has to be at least 200ft long!

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