We need more of this

This is an exceptional idea. The world needs a lot more of this type of large-scale thinking.



8 Responses to “We need more of this”

  1. RainerWasserfuhr Says:

    I hope that you will contribute some QuantPuter lectures 😉

  2. Paul B. Says:

    So, what is it about that Form??? 😉

  3. XiXiDu Says:

    That you posted it under World Domination is interesting. Next step is Pope Kurzweil. And although the Tiplerite Church and other omegist sects may have alot in common with Singularitarianism as they preach Techno-utopianism with steadfast devotion, they are still wrong in the details. They are adherer to the false teachings of Teilhard de Chardin and Frank J. Tipler, when Ray Kurzweil is the true prophet of the rapture. Let’s just hope the unbelievers, like transhumanists, that think they can trigger or even traverse the Singularity without Pope Kurzweil, will soon see the light. At least I see some chance for change there, unlike it is the case with Extropianism which are the true uneblievers who think they can do it all by themselves.

    Everyone who studys eschatology with true faith will see that only Kurzweil can lead the way to live long enough to live forever.

    GAIA have mercy upon all who embrace posthumanism.


  4. Neil Dickson Says:

    Their slogan fails… big time. Kurzweil has always struck me as advocating that we all sit back and do nothing while everyone else brings the future for us, and that’s exactly what “Preparing Humanity For Accelerating Technological Change” implies. If he really wanted to help out, it’d be something along the lines of “Helping Humanity to Accelerate Technological Change”. There’s a lot of work involved with changing the world, or even small parts of it.

  5. Jordan Says:

    At Dickson,

    I’m not convinced increasing the rate of acceleration would be a good thing. Conversely, simply dealing with the current rate of acceleration will likely be difficult enough in the years to come. I’m not a Kurzweil fanatic, and I’m not exactly sure how this institute is supposed to help out, but the idea is right on. The world is going to need to prepare itself for fast changes.

  6. Chester Says:

    perhaps I need to read more Kurzweil, but at least he’s seeing something positive about technology and the places we can go with it.

    Heck, Geordie, if you wanted someone to go to SU for one of those 3 day courses, you let me know. I’ll lose about 50 pounds of muscle and tell everyone I’m you…

  7. M.M.Musatov Says:

    Ephesians 1:3 Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus …
    Blessed is the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who did bless us in …. ευλογησας verb – aorist active passive – nominative singular masculine ημας personal pronoun – first person accusative plural …

  8. M.M.Musatov Says:

    Seeing the sites, today is a very good day to plan your trip to Israel. No one belongs here more than you. (I just saw this (heard to you) in a commercial on TV). Chalk it up to a high energy experiment. Kind of like a high-energy asteroid, which came striking close yesterday morning at 5:45.

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