Vancouver = Best City Ever

Oh yeah, we have fog. But we also have this (taken from one of the local North Shore mountains this morning).



8 Responses to “Vancouver = Best City Ever”

  1. lailayuile Says:

    Absolutely stunning.

  2. Aleph Null Says:

    Yeah, I’ve been loving the view of downtown when the fog is low. Haven’t seen anything this pretty though, I’m north facing so I never get the sunsets.

  3. XiXiDu Says:

    Marvelous! Who took it? Should consider Flickr 😉

  4. physicsandcake Says:

    That’s really beautiful. Beats the perpetual UK rain! Gives me ideas for artwork too.

  5. Geordie Says:

    Suz: All this could be yours…

  6. JP Says:

    nice pic

  7. Neil Dickson Says:

    Sweet! I just saw General Fusion on CTV Newsnet. I guess there’s all sorts of future tech being built in Burnaby.

  8. Geordie Says:

    Neil: Thanks for the forward!

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