Memories of beatdowns past

This is a picture that was in Ontario Wrestler from 1988 I believe. This was my first ever wrestling match in a senior tournament (open to anyone). I drew Greg Edgelow in my first match who was a multiple time Canadian champion and Olympian. I thought he was going to actually kill me. I lost the match but made it close and ended up with this picture in Ontario Wrestler, which Chester managed to somehow dig up (thanks! where do you find all this stuff???). Just after this was taken I picked him up and slammed him, then got the *&#@ kicked out of me for the next 5 minutes. Good times.



5 Responses to “Memories of beatdowns past”

  1. JP Says:

    nice smack down, artica

    a link about non-entanglement quantum computing,

  2. Murray Says:

    Ah, I recognize that unitard from around the office!

    Nice improvisation for this inverse full nelson.

  3. Geordie Says:

    One of my favorite lines from our coach Nick Cipriano: “Be athletic from that position!”

  4. Chester Says:

    My favourite was “don’t stop, continue…” which was a lyric from the RHCP at the time… I got distracted by it every time he said it…

  5. Greg Edgelow Says:

    Hey, i like the shot. I loved kickin everyone’s butt at the nationals. That is when wrestling was fun!!

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