Well it isn’t an abandoned missile silo, but still


via [William Gibson]


7 Responses to “Well it isn’t an abandoned missile silo, but still”

  1. Rob Says:

    Go ahead and laugh, but I think there might actually be something to the idea that a decent place to live in Ohio (or most of middle America for that matter) will necessarily resemble a lunar colony.

  2. Geordie Says:

    hey I’m not laughing. I think it’s a great idea. You could create an immense amount of wealth if you could make something like this work.

  3. Paul B. Says:


    Well, I hope it shapes itself more like the Galt’s Gulch (“Who is John Galt?”, anyway… 🙂 ) and less like a farm for breeding “productive” humans in some controlled environment… “no one carries real money, and police will monitor closed-circuit TV’s throughout the city.” — well, sounds more like the latter, than the former! 😦

    Paul B.

  4. Murray Says:

    And there will be no police force because all residents will be under constant scrutiny… I mean surveillance… I mean observation; and no crime because all criminals will be summarily executed.

    Problem solved.

  5. Geordie Says:

    Murray: Criminals wouldn’t be let in in the first place. Part of the brilliance of this model is you get to choose who gets in. If someone was convicted of a crime they’d be booted out. Unless they were a criminal mastermind, like Count Chockula. I could find uses for such.

  6. Paul B. Says:


    Only the stupid ones get caught! For your reading pleasure I’d suggest one of my favs, http://www.amazon.com/White-Merc-Fins-James-Hawes/dp/067977615X

    Paul B.

  7. اس ام اس باحال Says:

    its very good

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