Making your life better one youtube clip at a time

Last night there was a tribute to Leonard Cohen on the CBC, lots of famous Canadians doing covers of The Man’s songs. It was very cool, except for having to listen to commercials about the CBC’s other shows, which are all basically remakes of The Beachcombers. Ahh Relic… you icon of Canadiana. I think they can’t afford to advertise on any other network.

Anyway I thought while I was watching it how massively awesome Cohen is. We get deluged with absolute crap from all sides during our day to day lives, it sometimes seems easy to assume that everything is crap. There was this science fiction story I read a few years ago where this guy was cryogenically frozen and when he woke up, he couldn’t figure out why everyone was acting the way they were… there was this running joke about how whenever someone on TV or radio would say the word “quarter” everyone would laugh, but he couldn’t figure out why… turns out that over the years everyone had become really stupid.

UPDATE: Thanks to the awesome research skillz of one Dean K. this story was identified as The Marching Morons by C. M. Kornbluth. Kind of eerie re-reading it, because while it was science fiction when it was written, it’s now the world we live in.

Anyway where was I? Oh yeah Leonard Cohen. Here are three clips that are guaranteed to plant a hush puppy into your limbic region.

The first is Famous Blue Raincoat, possibly the single most depressing song ever written.

The second is possibly my favorite song of all time, Sisters of Mercy. It takes some getting use to but some of the imagery in the song stays with you.

Third, here’s a live version of Chelsea Hotel.



6 Responses to “Making your life better one youtube clip at a time”

  1. ny Says:

    Yes Cohen is great, especially his older songs.

    But the person who did the synthesizer background and chose the background singers on his newer records is a criminal.

  2. dean Says:

    herr doktor;

    i believe that in the same short story, he is taken to a car to be driven to meet the leaders of the world, and, at first, he is impressed – there are BIG FINS on the car, and the speedometer indicates that the car can go up to 175 miles per hour!

    but as the car zooms down the road at what the speedometer tells him is supposed to be 120 miles per hour, he looks at how quickly the landscaped is passing by and determines that he cannot be travelling faster than 50 or 60 mph, showing that the people of that time are all so stupid that they can be lied to easily on a universal level and will never question it.

    later in the story, in order to relieve overpopulation, numerous volunteers are sent to the luxurious ‘mars colony’, when, in fact, everyone getting on the rocket is all being euthanized and dropped into the sun.

    i think that was the story.

    ask eric about ‘idiocracy’.


  3. Geordie Says:

    dean: yes that does sound familiar. Do you remember the name/author of the story?

  4. dean Says:

    i believe that the author was theodore sturgeon, but don’t hold me to it. let me do a bit of research….

  5. d k Says:

    greetings, mein herr doktor kommandant;

    you know, i have been troubled for some time that the one thing that i was truly skilled at, doggedly researching and finding out things, was rapidly supplanted by wikipedia and google. my experience looking up the name of the story merely reinforces this.

    i remembered the general plot above. i guessed the author to be ted sturgeon. i seemed to remember the title as being something like, ‘the march of the idiots’.

    first, i looked up sturgeon on wikipedia. i looked through his short story listing. nada.

    i entered ‘march’ and ‘idiots’ into google and was rewarded by numerous blog pages cursing election results. CRAP.

    i started mixing key words and phrases. NOTHING. now, i began to get PISSED. obviously, i had remembered something INCORRECTLY.

    finally, in desparation, i entered ‘march’ with other detail words along with ‘short story’, which is like accepting your opponent’s king’s rook as a frigging HANDICAP. i wept like mr. al bundy in partial defeat.

    the story is ‘the marching morons’ by c.m. kornbluth. it was written in 1951. you can look it up. online.

    now if you will excuse me, i must go to my job, manufacturing buggy whips. **EXPLETIVE DELETED**.


    ps. sturgeon was not a bad guess. i will now listen to ‘my haunted head’ by concrete blonde.

  6. Geordie Says:

    Ahh excellent. I had a similar experience when I was trying to find the story. The missing piece was the “march” part. I didn’t remember that. Thanks, I will make sure to read it again…

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