I really like Ron Paul

I’m not an American citizen but if I were I’d vote for Ron. It’s so refreshing to hear someone with a specific point of view who is passionate about real issues. I don’t agree with everything he says but damn it’s nice to know where someone stands at least.


8 Responses to “I really like Ron Paul”

  1. David Grant Says:

    This one was pretty interesting too, where he explains why he was the only guy to vote against some bills: http://wackedvids.com/videos/250/ron-paul-votes-against-gold-medal-for-rosa-parks

  2. Geordie Says:

    Thanks Dave, very nice.

  3. Murray Says:

    Those are both good clips. He’s well spoken and backs up his decisions with consistent and principled reasoning. How many politicians, American or Canadian, can make the same claim?

  4. Jeff Says:

    Sadly, the main stream media still seems to have a distaste for mentioning Ron Paul. Despite the fact that Ron Paul was 2nd only to McCain in the Nevada primary, when that primary was covered, all I heard mentioned was McCain, Romney, Huckabee and Giuliani – even though Ron Paul beat out three of those four. Perhaps I simply listened to the wrong channel.

    I know that railing against a supposed main-stream-media conspiracy is a popular meme amongst Ron Paul supporters. I don’t think it is a conspiracy at all, but rather evidence of the herd mentality of professional media. However, the consistent lack of mention is clearly noticeable. The general consensus of the professional pundits seems to be that Paul has no chance, so it is wasted breath even when he has some success.

    Unfortunately, this bias pretty much torpedoes any chances he might have. Despite that, I will be voting for him in the California primary. Perhaps that will be a turning point for him. I do know many Californians support him.

  5. Matteo Martini Says:

    Thanks Geordie.
    I also like Ron Paul very much.
    A pic of Ron Paul is my avatar in this forum here: http://forums.randi.org, and I agree with most (but not all) of what RP says.
    I disagree with RP about his stance on free gun, gay marriage and evolution, but I agree on what I consider more important issues (such as ending the war in Iraq and dismantling America`s military bases abroad).
    Nice to see that you too endorse RP!!

  6. jerry Says:

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  7. Paul B. Says:

    Geordie (and Dave G., and Murray (T.?) 🙂 ),

    1) Welcome to the club!

    2) For day-to-day info, check out dailypaul.com

    Paul B.

  8. Jonathan Says:

    Ron… Paul… Rocks…

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