Could GSP beat Travis Cross for an olympic spot?

After watching Georges St Pierre DOMINATE Matt Hughes and hearing that he thought about trying to make the Canadian Olympic wrestling team I’m wondering whether he might be able to beat Travis at 82kg. Travis already qualified the weight and won the trials so it’s basically moot at this point but still.

With any normal human with little competitive experience in wrestling I’d say not a chance, but GSP is some kind of superhuman freak. He took Hughes down four times??? On the other hand he would be giving up some weight to Travis, maybe 20 pounds… and Travis is a tough dude as I have firsthand experience from my days at SFU although he got real good a bit later than my time.

GSP could try at 74kg but then he’d have to beat Matt Gentry who is an NCAA champ, I’d have to go with Gentry at 74.

I don’t know, I’d love to see whether GSP could take Travis.


One Response to “Could GSP beat Travis Cross for an olympic spot?”

  1. Cory Says:

    Hard to say since I haven’t seen any video of GSP in real wrestling action.

    I do think that GSP’s wrestling skills, as they relate to MMA, are top flight. One of the things that makes him so strong in the Octagon is that he’s adapted wrestling maneuvers (and moves from other disciplines) for MMA and integrated them into his already well-rounded game.

    Take, for example, the mat control he held over Hughes: the fact that GSP did that body slam / crush thing shows that he’s taken cues from wrestling but made parlayed that experience into a punishing set of MMA skills…

    Looks like you have some spam as comment 1…

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