Kimbo Slice facts

Here are some interesting Kimbo Slice facts.  He is related both to Rhadi Ferguson (pretty famous judo dude) and Emanuel Augustus (one of my fave boxers).


Yeah bend that inanimate carbon rod Kimbo. Scary.


5 Responses to “Kimbo Slice facts”

  1. astephens Says:

    Kimbo has biiiig hands. Bam.

  2. shawn Says:

    waddup pimp betcha cant beat me

  3. shawn Says:

    young and gunless and u don’t want it at all son

  4. Kimbo Slice Says:

    Kimbo is one mean mutha!

  5. Alan Says:

    whats that thing his holding? its not called an’inanimate carbon rod’ im sure coz cant find on google please someone reply asap

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