Yo, ring the bell, school’s in sucka

Inspired by content at Doctor Recommended:

People hate on Hammer but he was a pioneer. Truly ahead of his time. Watching old Hammer videos made me think of Digital Underground’s line “you look like MC Hammer on crack, Humpty!” which naturally led me to this. Maybe it’s just because I have kids and am old enough to remember Digital Underground but I thought it was pretty funny.

Also I was routed to this story by a friend who probably fears my obsession with strong AI:
Scientists Abandon AI Project After Seeing The Matrix

My favorite line:

“I saw Revolutions with my 12-year-old son Eric,” Markovitch said. “He saw the look of worry on my face and said, ‘Dad, don’t be scared. It’s only make-believe.’ I had to tell him, ‘No, son, it’s what your father does for a living.'”



5 Responses to “Yo, ring the bell, school’s in sucka”

  1. Aleph Null Says:

    I don’t know what everyone is worried about. I’m heavily invested in LORAL Skynet and Skynet Worldwide Express (as I’m not really sure which one is the right one), and I’m sure that as a preferred stock holder I shall be taken care of. Besides, isn’t it more likely that Strong AI would view us as wise, benevolent masters who care only for the good of all creatures, carbon, and silicon? Remember Paul and Mike singing Ebony & Ivory? Since Michael is now more silicone than carbon, doesn’t that show that we can get along, as long as they are somewhat humanoid?

  2. sr Says:

    I think, that humanoids never will be builded, becouse Nature to create human spend 10^9 years. And if sombody will have very powerfull computer, then somehow need to programe humanoid. Human is programed by pain and pleasure, social pain and pleasure is result of teoreticaly possible real pain in future. So human is programed by Nature with pain and pleasure. And how then need to programe humanoid? Don’t get to him electric energy if he don’t wanna learn or work? And still need instal very much receptros, that he don’t hurt himself and don’t pull into fire. And I don’t have idea how it is possible to solve this problem better than nature. Probably to made this receptors for pain, temperature, pressure and plesure from rosette (?). And need all this receptors to place on camers, mikrofons and what if he will want to take of this receptors? And if he take of he will not have reason to live or always would be connected to rosette?..

  3. combineguard Says:

    The antetype of strong A.I we talk about is brain. aim of brain work for is make body it belong to live better.it just a apparatus.
    how lucky you are grown in a country motherlanguage is english.because my bad english lots of my ideas of can’t be pressed.

  4. Slavi Says:

    I think we can make strong A.I. someday . Animals are driven just by pleasure and pain, humans have other motives to do something. We can make something just because we feel it is right and it is good.

  5. Slavi Says:

    And some other thoughts. A.I is not more dangerous than thermonuclear bombs. It is all about the way it is used. There is not a reason for A.I to hate us. It will be more like parents and children. If we create A.I to kill humans then if it go mad and kill us, the guilt will be ours . But if we try to create A.I that is wise and love humans, even if this A.I goes mad it will not kill humans.

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