Would you give up your immortality to ensure the success of a posthuman world?

Answering hard questions at the World Transhumanist conference.

A sample of the great stuff from this article:

Minsky is not shy about speculating on what the future may hold. Once researchers understand how brains work, “we will discover ways to upload our minds into machines.” He predicted that our AI descendants (what AI researcher Hans Moravec called our mind children) will eventually escape from this planet and spread throughout the universe. “If we are the only intelligence in the universe, then we are obligated to ensure that the universe remains meaningful,” said Minsky. We sat at a table together over lunch and it was amusing to see some of the more Marxist-inclined transhumanists express horror when Minsky explained that he thought that democracy was not such a good idea. Why would anyone want to be governed by a majority of stupid people, he wondered.

Damn that’s funny…. oh wait, no it’s not. This is though.



2 Responses to “Would you give up your immortality to ensure the success of a posthuman world?”

  1. duke nukem Says:

    This is though: http://img247.imageshack.us/my.php?image=groverparadoxqf4.png

  2. denis bider Says:

    Democracy the way it now exists is definitely problematic, and exhibits the very symptoms Minsky alluded to. Our current democratic systems lack a mechanism for ensuring that good policies rise to the top. We also lack an effective mechanism for efficient identification and removal of counter-productive policies. What the world needs is a competition of different systems in different states among which people can move freely. But the last time this was tried, it devolved into a system where the federal government, originally intended to be a lightweight glue, hijacked all the power and created yet another system people can’t escape – in a country called the U.S.

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