Best…football game…ever

43-42 Boise State baby!!! I had a feeling they were going to take this one. This was probably the best football game I’ve ever seen. Boise runs the hook and ladder on 4th & 18 with 10 seconds left in the game, down 7, scores a touchdown..then goes for 2 in overtime and pulls the best statue of liberty in the history of football…man what a game.

It’s a shame that the Broncos, after going 13-0 and playing like that, aren’t going to be considered in the national championship picture. They also have the coolest playing surface in football.

Tim: I thought you were off on this one. Although I agree with you re. Bomar.

Here’s a great post about the game.


4 Responses to “Best…football game…ever”

  1. zan Says:

    Thats the game where they throw around the pointy oblate animal-flesh spheriod , right?

  2. A tour of the ol’ RSS reader » Doctor Recommended Says:

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  3. Jonathan Says:

    Boise State won in a quantum finish…

    “No fair, you changed the results by observing them!”

  4. hokie bird Says:

    That has got to be the single ugliest field in football. It stings the eyes – and, NO, my college team doesn’t even play the Broncos. GO HOKIES!!!!

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